Childs Farm Review

When Sofia was newborn I actually started off with using another well known baby body wash and moisturiser. I found Sofia’s skin was becoming very dry and she had a slight flare up with eczema. I went to see out health visitor and she suggested bathing less but also trying another bathing product. I had heard very good things about Childs farm, so decided I would give their products a go. I used the baby bedtime bubbles, baby bath and also the baby moisturiser, from the first day of use I was amazed. It smelt lovely, but it just felt so gentle on Sofia’s skin when I was bathing her. It leathered beautifully and Sofia’s skin felt so soft and clean after her bath. The moisturiser smelt amazing and also had a lovely feel behind it. I could just tell this would help Sofia’s dry skin. It made it feel so hydrated. I bath Sofia every other day and moisturise twice a day. After a few days of using childs farm Sofia’s skin wasn’t dry anymore and her eczema had completely cleared up! Sofia also had quite bad cradle cap, this also started to clear up. I couldn’t quite believe it. It was working wonders.

We have now added to our Childs Farm collection and love all the different scents they have! They honestly smell divine.

I love how Childs Farm is suited from newborn and is for all skin types. They use such Natural ingredients. Their products are so gentle on babies delicate skin. I also love their bright packaging, and how the moisturiser has a pump, makes life so much easier, as many parents know, you have to learn to do a lot of things one handed. They have honestly thought of everything.

I would highly recommend using child farm products, especially if your little one of even you has dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin. It’s definitely worth paying that little bit more on a product you can trust. To me it’s worth every penny.

Thank you Childs Farm. Very happy mummy and baby!!

3 thoughts on “Childs Farm Review

  1. Great review!

    I have thought about trying these for so long now, my son who is 8 actually has really bad eczema and I too have it a little so I think I will definitely give them a go!




  2. What a lovely review, I might have too try this for my daughter as she suffers really bad with eczema


  3. I love childs Farm products so much. They’re definitely our go to products. Their nappy cream is a must have too! Xx


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