Keep Those Legs Crossed

After the gender reveal, we had our 20 week scan. We wanted to confirm she was definitely a girl, but also wanted that confirmation that everything is ok. All I kept thinking was, please little head be developing properly and please little heart be pumping away correctly. I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same, but I felt so scared going for my  20 week scan, they can tell a lot from it and I was just praying that our little baby was developing properly.

When we got to the hospital it felt like the wait was never ending. Our name evenatally got called, in we went, in to the dark room. I remember lying there shaking with worry. I know I shouldn’t have got myself so worked up about it. The sonographer started the ultrasound and of course baby was lying in the most awkward position, so off we popped for a walk. Walking around the hospital grounds isn’t fun, especially when all you want to know is that your baby is ok. We had been walking for around 45mins and had, had a frizzy drink and a bar of chocolate, in the hope this would have helped baby do some sort of somersault. We got back to the ultrasound department and they called us in straight away. Baby had moved thankfully! It felt amazing seeing our little person on the screen. It wasn’t nice seeing  the sonographer looking really serious at the screen and thoughally checking. You know when you just look at them and think this isn’t going right is it. She looked up smiled and said you are growing one healthy little baby girl!!! The shoulders dropped, I was so relieved! I looked at Sam and we both just had the biggest smile on our faces, I could feel the happy tears building up.  Now all I’ve got to do is carry on growing our little girl and keep her cooking till she’s at least 37 weeks +. Sounds easy right.

She was never in the right position to get a good picture so these are all we managed to get. Her face, two little feet and her kissing my placenta.

My pregnancy was going so well, I felt alive. Then we got to Christmas Day, yes Christmas Day! Of all days! I woke up in the morning and felt absolutely fine, myself and Sam opened some presents and then started to head over to my mum’s, we had a Christmas dinner booked at a restaurant. In the car journey to my mums I was getting really bad pains in my back, I was just so uncomfortable. We got to my mum’s and she had a hot water bottle ready for me so I could curl up on the sofa and rest in till we had to leave for our meal. The pain just wasn’t dying down. I went to the toilet and there was slight spotting of blood, I didn’t know what to think. It was so faint and such a small amount. I’m not sure why but I just put it behind me. I managed to get to the restaurant, we sat down and started to eat but I decided to make the call to triage. They told me to go along to the hospital so I could be popped on the monitor just to make sure everything was ok. I started to panic thinking I was in early stages of labour. I had only gone and left my notes at home as well, so a half hour journey turned in to an hour and a half. Today just wasn’t my day! As soon as I got to the hospital they hooked me up on to the monitors and there was her little heart beat, happily beating away. The sigh of relief. They also had to check my cervix to make sure I hadn’t started to dilate. Luckily and thankfully all was absolutely fine and what they said was she must have been lying right on a nerve and she should hopefully shift over. All the staff were so lovely. I mean who wants to work on Christmas Day. I couldn’t stop thanking them! The NHS is amazing and I really don’t think we thank and praise all the staff enough!

From this point I just always felt so uncomfortable I had roughly 3months left and I now just wanted to get to that due date. I managed to work up in till the end of January, then my body just started to slow down. I had my baby shower which was so lovely, but also a real struggle, you know when you just want to be curled up in a bed, but instead i was running around making sure the day was going right.


I went for my midwife routine check up when I was 36 weeks and I remember her saying to me ‘try and keep your legs crossed in till you reach 37weeks’ I didn’t know what to think. I was excited that she could be here any day but also worried as of course I wanted to get to 37 weeks. From that day, I could just feel her getting lower and lower, I was finding it so hard to get around. I remember going to my antenatal class and everyone was worried I was going to go in to labour.

I got the amazing news that one of my friends had, had her baby! I of course had to go a visit and give the new bundle of joy a cuddle. I did hypnobirthing (will talk more about this in my birth story) and was all about about getting that oxytocin going to bring on labour. I was sat there cuddling baby and the midwife was doing her rounds to check little one. She asked me if I had come from the ward and if I was waiting to be induced. When I said I wasn’t, I had just come to visit she said well I reckon I will see you this weekend (it was Tuesday). So many signs and hints, surely she’s going to be here soon.

14th February- Valentines day. 37+4 days pregnant. I had made a delicious meal for myself and Sam and had set up all the candles. I had got myself some alcohol free processco. It was such a lovely evening and was so perfect. I was sat bouncing on my ball after dinner (properly wasn’t the best idea 🤣) I could feel my self leaking, being so heavily pregnant I just thought I was wetting myself. I stood up and again more water trickled down my leg. I said to Sam I think it might be more than wetting myself now. We both decided to go and get ready for bed to see what happened. It still carried on. We decided to call triage. They told me to head to the hospital with my bags packed as they reckoned it was my waters. We was running round the house trying to getting everything ready. We didn’t know what was going on, it felt so surreal! As soon as we got to the hospital I got taken to a delivery room so they could check me over. It was definitely my waters and was now just a waiting game for those contractions to start. We got sent home and told to come back when contractions got going. As my waters broke I also got booked in for an induction for the next day, if your contractions don’t start after 24hours of waters breaking an induction had to be done as their is a higher risk of an infection happening.

Now I just needed to get these contractions going. We tried absolutely everything but nothing was working. We reached our induction time so off we went to the hospital to get induced…….

Next blog to come – My Birth Story

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