Cold season hack

Over the past 10 days Sofia has been suffering terribly with this stinking cold, to top it all off she also has an ear infection as well as teething. It’s been a hard few days for mummy and daddy! We have been at wits end! Twice we had to visit the out of hours doctor and also ended up in A&E. It’s been so hard seeing our little princess the way she has been. She’s been struggling to drink her milk and is finding it so hard to sleep as is unable to breathe out of her nose (babies hate breathing out of their mouths) She been holding her breathe, which was the scariest part. Sofia’s temperature also dropped to 34.9, I was panicaking so much, I had read a temperature lower than 35 can be hyperthermia. I was straight on the phone to 111, it just so happened that night their systems were down so it was taking forever to take details and also ask the 101 questions. I decided to call 999. As Sofia was so responsive it wasn’t an emergency, so they suggested we took her to A&E by car to get her checked over. The paramedic didn’t sound concerned at all, which put me slightly at ease. Luckily A&E wasn’t busy at all, so got seen quite quickly by triage. Of course once we got there Sofia’s temperature had gone up to 36 so they didn’t rush to do anything. They told me to wrap Sofia up and pop a hat on her so we could keep as much heat in as possible. They told us to wait in the waiting area to be seen by the doctor. We had lovely cuddles and Sofia feel fast alseep. She had a second lot of obs while fast alseep and everything was coming back normal, we were feeling so relieved. The Doctor finally saw us and told us that when babies sleep their bodies slow down, the temperature drop would have been caused by her cold. There wasn’t any concern and just told us to carry on exactly what we were doing and do get a doctors appointment for Friday for a review. We were so relived! We got home at 5am and all cuddled up in bed. We had a lot of sleep to catch up on!

Now for the Hack.

We tried everything. Calpol saline spray, snuffle babe saline drops, olbas oil, steaming, snuffle babe vapour rub, calpol vapour plug (this really dried Sofia nose up, actually making it worse) You name it we had tried it all, in till one night we spent an evening of googling of ways to help babies that are really congested. We came across a parent forum which suggested buying a humidifier. We went straight on to Argos to have a little look. The first one popped up and had numerous reviews which to our surprise were all really promising. A lot of parents saying how their little ones had colds so they brought this humidifier and they seemed to be a lot better throughout the night. We went straight to argos in the morning and purchased it. We also purchased more snufflebabe Vapour oil.


That evening we set it all up in Sofia’s room, we added water to it and a few drops of snufflebabe vapour oil. We put Sofia down to sleep (still really congested) not knowing what the outcome of this humidifier would be. Sofia didn’t wake once through the night and no longer sounded like a pig. She was so clear! I actually could t quite believe. This small purchase had worked wonders! Why didn’t we buy it sooner!! I also must add that I love the changing colour! It makes the room feel so calm and relaxing.

Sofia has been so clear since and we are all finally getting sleep! This humidifier has honestly been the best purchase we have made!


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