Gender Reveal

E723322F-FE6B-41A1-B746-6D0E649FA2D81st October 2017

Gender Reveal Day!

How i lasted a week without harassing my friend and asking her to tell me the sex of our baby I do not know!

A lot of this blog is going to be filled with pictures as I think it shows exactly how the day went.

It was such a beautiful day being surrounded by our very close friends and also family!


Everything was a surprise, I of course knew I was having a gender reveal, but how the day went I didn’t have a clue.

I honestly have the most amazing friend for organising the most magical day. I can’t thank her enough. She put so much effort in to it all. The house was so beautifully decorated and the day was so well planned. Every little detail was just perfect!


My bestie! So much love for this lovely lady!

The Reveal. What are we having. We could this little pip inside my belly be!

We all gathered round, my friend brought in this massive black ballon, all we needed to do now was pop it. What we are having lay within this ballon.

I couldn’t stop giggling, I went all silly. Everyone shouting just pop the ballon. My hand moved forwards towards the ballon. The tip of scissors reached the ballon. POP!

It’s a ……….



I honestly couldn’t believe it! I had really convinced myself we were having a boy!

A little princess! We are having a little princess

Thank you for reading xx

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  1. Loveee this!!


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