Worry after worry


I was pregnant and was further gone than before.

I couldn’t quite believe how quickly I had fallen pregnant again, but there was so much worry. I couldn’t shift the thought that a repeat of before was going to happen. I was so scared to do anything, I just wanted to be wrapped up in bubble wrap.

I kept thinking to myself It must have been that trip to Thailand, I was so relaxed and felt like a new women. Then the ZIKA VIRUS came to mind. Thailand was a high risk country for zika (I didn’t actually realise this until we were out there) I didn’t know what to do next. I went straight to the doctors and they hardly had a clue what to suggest, they just asked if I had any zika symptoms, a cold was one of them. Well when I got back from Thailand, I had a really bad cold, I put it down to holiday blues. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I went for my first midwife appointment everything was measuring perfect and she didn’t have much of a concern about zika, this really put my mind at ease. They suggested I have extra appointments and a scan at 38 weeks. They also informed me that at my 20 week scan they should be able to tell if anything was wrong. I now just wanted to get to that 20week scan to make sure my baby was ok.


My first trimester –

Apart from all the worry, I was lucky enough to have an easy first trimester. I did feel tired all the time (no change there really) and was sick once, I did put it down to eating a spicy pizza then scoffing my face with loads of sweets.

Here is our 12 week scan, out little bundle of joy, unsure of what the outcome was going to be.


We had to book an early gender scan, We wanted to know the sex but we also wanted reassurance, we wanted to see and hear that little heart beat. we wanted to make sure everything was measuring up right.

We booked in with window to window to the womb, I really recommend them! (https://windowtothewomb.co.uk)

The scan went really well and there it was wiggling around and had a very strong heart beat. The shape of the head freaked me out a little, but they explained to me that the head hadn’t fully grown yet and also there was a lot of shadow from my placenta.


A couple of weeks before my scan, I decided I wanted to do a gender reveal with all my close family and friends. I invited a very close friend of mine along to the scan who was going to arrange my gender reveal. One whole week only she would know the sex of our baby. I didn’t know how I was going to do this, but I just loved the idea and thought of it all.

Things were all looking good and my pregnancy was looking really healthy. I now just needed to get this thought of the Zika virus out of my head and just relax.


Next Blog : Gender Reveal



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