Time for a break

After all that had happened, at the end of May I decided to quit my job, I needed some ‘me’ time and to get myself back on track. Also the commuting was getting way too much.

As we had recently moved I was able to get so much done around the new house and managed to get on top of all the paper work!

Not long after quiting my job, and finishing all the jobs around the house. I felt like I needed to find some work as sitting around all day wasn’t helping much, I didn’t have family or friends around the corner so didn’t have the comfort off them. I managed to eventually find job which was literally round the corner to where we lived, it was perfect hours (a lot less then what I was working before) and working for amazing people, plus they didn’t need me to start till July so had plenty of time to prepare.

We decided to book a break to Thailand for two weeks. We’d been before and had wanted to go back for a while, so this was perfect timing. We found a lovely resort on a private island , it was honestly paradise. We had a bath on our balcony looking out to the sea, I mean what more could you want! A Bath (my favourite thing ever) and a sea view!!! I was feeling like a new women, this was honestly just what I needed. I had put everything behind me with no worry in the world. I think this is just what some of us need at times, I know money and time takes in to account, but I was at breaking point before I went away and this honestly healed everything. Just remember to treat yourselves! We need looking after, after all.

Home time of course came around too quickly. To be honest I was slightly excited to get back and start working on myself and preparing for my new job. We also had another little break booked to St ives in Cornwall, Sam’s family were staying there for a holiday so thought as we had the time off we would join them and make the most of it. We had a really lovely time and was lovely to be around family as well as being on holiday.

It got to the last day, and I wasn’t my total self at all. I was really hormonal, my moods swings were going crazy. We had gone to bed early the night before as we were both so tired and knew we had a long journey to face in the morning. I had been kept up a lot of the night as Sam’s family had decided to have a lovely big chat in the room next to us (couldn’t really complain as they had put us up, saved us paying out more money for accommodation), I put being in a foul mood down to this. I flipped out at everyone in the morning and stormed out. I couldn’t control myself. This isn’t me at all, I’ve never shouted like that at anyone! Something wasn’t right…..



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