Could it really be?

July 2017

What was my body doing? What was happening with my hormones? Could it really be?

I sat down with Sam and spoke about doing a pregnancy test, but we both agreed to hold off. With everything that happened before we wanted to wait a while longer to see if I was pregnant so I was further gone in the hope everything would be ok.

I got to work one day and on my lunch break I just had to go a buy a pregnancy test, I needed to know. My body was showing all the signs and I was getting a lot of symptoms. I went and brought a pack of two pregnancy tests. Even though I had that feeling I was pregnant, I just thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. I just brought the cheapest pack of two from boots. I ran back to work, I just needed to know.

Sitting there waiting for the pregnancy test to work felt like hours. So many thoughts and questions going through my head. What if I am? Is the same thing that happened before going to happen again? Is this time different?

There it popped up the cross. The cross that meant I was pregnant! The clearest I’ve ever seen! A dark blue cross. I was so excited and hopeful. This is going to work, I kept telling myself. I now just wanted to finish work and get home to Sam. I hadn’t yet told him. It felt like the longest day ever, I must have been walking around with the biggest smile on my face.

Home time finally came round! That drive home

I got home and got all giggly around Sam, he kept asking what was going on. I said I was going upstairs as I really needed the toliet. I was actually going up to do the second pregnancy test. Again, there it was, that beautiful blue cross. I ran downstairs with the test and showed Sam. He didn’t quite know how to react, we were both shocked that it had happened so quickly, but so over the moon. We just didn’t want to jinx things so we kept it extremely quite and didn’t really talk about it too much.

I’m pregnant, I’m really pregnant!

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