My Birth Story


This blog is carried on from my pervious blog …..

I couldn’t sleep that night, I was just bouncing on my ball and walking up and down the stairs, hoping my contractions would start. I was getting nothing! No twinges or anything. I managed to get around 2 hours of restless sleep, I forced myself as I knew I needed the energy for what was to come.

Because my waters had broken, I had to keep an eye on my temperature just in case of any infection, when I did it in the morning it was 38 degrees so we had to call up triage who told us to come straight in. We got seen to straight away and it actually turned out that my thermometer gave us a false reading and my temperature was actually normal. The joys of these digital thermometers, I can’t tell you how many I’ve been through. They checked me all over and nothing was happening (I was around 1cm dilated) and all seemed ok so they sent me away and told me to come back at 7.30pm when I was booked in.

After all of that we decided to go shopping near the hospital, we had the car packed up in case anything happened. Surely all this walking has got to be doing something. We also had lunch out, needed all the energy I could get. It felt very strange thinking the next time we go out for a meal we will have our little baby with us. I was getting phone call after phone call asking if anything was happening and to my disappointment it was always a no.

After our shopping trip and lunch out, as nothing was happening we took a trip home. We thought it would be nice to have a shower and freshen up before we had to go back to the hospital. I dimmed all the lights and got my candles and relaxation music going to try and get the flow of oxytocin.

I couldn’t stop looking at the clock, I just wanted to get to the hospital and get this induction started, I couldn’t wait any longer. Come on little one.

We got to the hospital at 7.30pm ready to be induced. It felt so surreal. Too think we will soon have our baby in our arms. I had been waiting for this day for what felt like forever.

We got buzzed in, wow this felt crazy. We got taken to the waiting room and got told to hang on in there as the bed wasn’t ready yet. There was a TV in the room so decided to put Eastenders on, not that we watched any of it. We just couldn’t stop talking about what was to come and trying to guess what time she would arrive. We were both so excited, but also full of nerves.

We eventually got taken to our bed and got told to make ourselves comfortable. I had decided to do hypnobirthing and had attended the classes. I decided to plug my headphones in while bouncing on the ball listening to my relaxation music. The midwife came round to do some checks and when they hooked me up to the to the machine to check baby’s heart rate, it was a lot higher than what it should have been, the machine wouldn’t stop bleeping away. Of course I started to panic which didn’t help the situation. Sam told me to calm down and to focus on my breathing. It was horrible being on a ward with people eating pizza next to me, the other side of me they were talking as if they was in a night club and the people in front of us decided it would be ok to play music on their phones. I just couldn’t get in to my zone. The machine just wouldn’t stop bleeping

As her heart rate wasn’t coming down, we got moved to a private room and they started the induction straight away. I of course got told that if her heart rate didn’t improve I would need an emergency C section.

I had written up 2 birth plans, I always said to myself it didn’t matter how this baby was delivered as long as she was safe. So my birth plans were both for a c section and also normal delivery. I highly recommend writhing out different birth plans to different scenarios as you just don’t know what could happen and you want to make sure if it does all change you want to be happy with the options and care you are receiving – I highly recommend reading ‘THE POSITIVE BIRTH BOOK’ by MILLI HILL. This was my bible during pregnancy and it really helped me write out my birth plans.

Right back to the birth

When we got moved to the private room and hooked on to a different machine, her heart rate had gone back to normal. What a relief that was! We got left in the private room waiting for things to kick in, it was around 11pm when they inserted the pessary. They told us to try and get some sleep. It was sort of impossible as I was hooked on to the monitor and I had started to get the sligtest of pains and I also had to be checked every 2hours.

I had decided to have my sister at the birth as well as Sam (I was at hers, so was only fair ha) plus I thought Sam could do with the extra support, my sisters labour was around 3days and I know how much of a help it was having an extra person on hand. They told me to hold of calling her in as things were going so slowly. That night I managed to get to sleep for around an hour or two.

The midwife came in at 6 am checked me all over and said I was only 2cms dilated. What was going on! She went back out and came back around 10 mins later saying the doctor had decided I am to be put on the wonderful hormone drip as her heart rate wasn’t quite stable to begin with, so they wanted to get everything moving.

I remember the midwife saying you might want to call your sister in now as things could move quickly. I mean what the hell, it’s any time now.

I was very lucky as I had really wanted a water birth, being now on CLU there was only one room with a birthing pool. As they knew I was doing Hypnobirthing they very kindly had reserved the pool for me. I couldn’t thank them enough! So far everyone was following my birth plan.


We got moved to the room and literally straight away got hooked on to the drip and monitor.

Once the drip was inserted the contractions started quickly. My sister soon arrived and we were good to go.

I must say it was a pain being hooked up to the heart rate machine and also to a drip, I felt I was very limited with movement.

Before getting in to the pool I was bouncing like crazy on my ball, I found it really helped with contractions.

As the contractions were coming so quickly they soon ran the bath and told me I could get in. It was the worst choice ever! I just felt so uncomfortable, With being wired up I just couldn’t find a comfy position. I was trying to lean forward, but my hand with my dip kept slipping in to the water. They then couldn’t pick up Sofia’s heart beat as the pads kept moving out of place. It felt like a disaster. I kept telling the midwife I felt like I needed to push, but she kept checking and said I wasn’t quite ready. About 5 minutes later I had to get out of the pool as they couldn’t trace Sofia’s heartbeat and got told if the doctor came in I would be rushed for a c-section. Out I jumped and ran to the bed so they could hook me back up properly. With a relief nice and clearly Sofia’s heart beat popped back up.

At this point I was kneeling on the bed, resting on the birthing ball, doesn’t sound comfy but it was honestly helping. Also by this point I needed the gas and air! The contractions didn’t stop, I didn’t get a break at all.

I remember my midwife saying she needed to go on her lunch break and someone would be in to cover her. Luckily the midwife that came in was amazing and really helped me stay on track with my breathing.

I needed to push!

I started to loose some blood, so was soon surrounded by a lot of doctors. They got me lying on my back and had to check what was going on. I remember them telling me to say when I wasn’t having a contraction so they could see how dilated I was, well seeing as they didn’t stop they just had to do it, most uncomfortable thing I’ve experienced.

Once checked and told all was ok I was left to it. I did get told though if she wasn’t out within the hour I would be having a c-section.

I told my midwife I needed to push, she was saying I wasn’t quite dilated, but that was it, I needed to. I couldn’t hold back. I was lying on my back still, not how I wanted to give birth as was told it’s easier for baby to come out when being on your hands and knees, but she was coming, nothing I could do to stop this. I gave a push and all I could hear was her head is there, would you like to feel. Hell no! I just want her out. Plus I was in such a daze. She told me to take a deep breathe in and when I need to, push. Here it came that feeling. I took the breathe in, felt a sting, the next thing I had our beautiful creation on my chest. How I did it I really don’t know. Wow that feeling of instant love, what a incredible feeling.

Our beautiful Sofia

Born 16.02.2018 4.43pm weighing 7lbs 7oz

On my birth plan I wanted to wait till the umbilical cord had turned white, so we got left with Sofia on my chest still attached till this happened. My midwife left the room to let us have some alone time.

When she came back in she had brought everything ready to stitch me up (I pushed Sofia out when I was only 9 1/2cm dilated). She was so shocked I hated torn, my midwife didn’t quite believe it. She told me she’s never meet a women who’s pushed a baby out with just gas and air while on the hormone drip and wasn’t fully dilated who didn’t tear. Wow I felt proud. I honestly put a lot of it down to my controlled breathing techniques I had learnt while attending my hypnobirthing classes.

5 hours of active labour. The most amazing experience.

I now can’t get over the fact that Sofia turns one on Saturday! Wow how time flys.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my birth story! X

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