Vital baby Review

Vital baby

Weaning is such a big milestone and when it comes to buying weaning products it can all get a bit overwhelming with what is best to buy for your little one and what’s going to be most practical for ourselves as well.

When I got contacted by vital baby to try out some of their products I was so excited.

Vital baby was the brand I had heard about the most when researching about weaning products, cutlery bowls etc. They have such a great range.

We decided to try out

•The suction bowel

On the go weaning set

•Soft tip Weaning spoons

•No more mess trap-a-snack pot

Let’s start of with the no more mess Trap-a-snack pot

Someone mastered how to use the no more mess trap-a-snack pot rather quickly. I honestly thought it would take her while to figure this one out, but her hand was straight in to the soft slatted lid and before I knew it the rice cake was in her mouth, such a handy little pot to have and it’s so perfect for going out! It fits a fair amount of food in their as well and it’s great as it can’t fall out. Perfect for Sofia’s little hands. The soft grip handle is so handy as Sofia is easily able to hold on to the pot. It’s so perfect for mummy as there isn’t much mess left behind! I used to give Sofia the small packets of rice cakes and half of them would end up on the floor, at least with this pot there is now no waste, unless she throws them on the floor after pulling them out of course. Would definitely recommend getting one! It’s also dishwasher safe and can be used in a steriliser which makes it even more practical!

Soft tip weaning spoons –

These spoons are great, the size of them are perfect, I found some weaning spoons were really long, which for me was a hassle to store and also take out with us. I did also find Sofia would hold the very end of the spoon, meaning she had less control over it. With these being shorter, I found her control was a lot better. Sofia can get such a good grip on them. They are also very soft meaning they are lovely and gentle for Sofia’s gums and also her little pegs that are coming through. I would definitely recommend getting these spoons for the early weaning days. Sofia has also started to self feed with the spoons, with them being so light and easy to hold it has made self feeding such an easy process for her.

Suction Bowl –

This has to be one of my favourite products!

We all know how much babies loves tipping their bowls upside down and throwing them on the floor. Well with this bowl it isn’t budging anywhere. The suction on it is so strong even mummy sometimes struggles to get it off (which is a good thing) I love how the suction pad is actually separate to the bowl so it is easy to transport, but also practical when placing food in front of Sofia. I am able to place the suction pad, place Sofia in the high chair, then the bowl easily slots on and with a twist we are good to go.

It’s a prefect size bowl and fits plenty of food in to it. I love how easy this bowl fits in to your bag when going out and is so handy to use when in restaurants. Since receiving this bowl we have been using it every day. I also love how it’s dishwasher safe!

On the go weaning set –

This set is perfect for when you are out and about, but also for storing meals. Each evening I always save some of our dinner so Sofia can have it for lunch the next day. I love how I’m able to store the food in this bowl and seal with the lid, keeping the food lovely and fresh. It’s a perfect size to put in to your bag and still holds plenty of food. It’s also very handy how you are able to store a spoon in the lid, keeping it clean.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this set. It’s not just useful for when out and about it’s also super handy for storing that left over food.

Thank you so much Vital baby! We are loving your products and can’t wait to purchase more!

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